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In partnership with BP, Summit Envirosolutions, Inc. has developed a unique set of software tools for reducing costs and improving effectiveness of long-term monitoring (LTM) through adaptive assessment to achieve remediation goals.

  • EPIPHINY® is a database platform which gives the user the ability to quickly import and analyze analytical sampling data.
  • SampleOptimizerTM identifies redundant sampling locations and frequencies in historical data in preparation for future sampling events.
  • SampleTrackerTM enables users to create time-dependent site-wide remediation targets (e.g., expected reductions in mass) or well-specific targets (e.g., expected concentration trends) and to evaluate new data relative to those targets, as well as providing automated alerts of unexpected deviations.
  • ModelBuilderTM is a sub-component embedded in SampleOptimizer and SampleTracker which creates and visualized geostatistical models of spatial and temporal data, and identifies areas of significant data uncertainty which may benefit from additional sampling.
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Why we use it

Optimization varies between 20% - 60% on any given site. The following graph is with an optimization of 40%.

est. sampling costs est. sampling costs